Story Time: Breaking Bad

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Story Time: Breaking Bad

There is going to be a new type of blog post here at Sierra Winter Jewelry. I'm calling it, Story Time. These posts will still relate to this jewelry thing... or maybe they wont. I've got some stories from my 92 year old Grandpa Norman to share that do not relate to jewelry at all. Just pure entertainment.

Any who, to kick this off, I'm going to tell you about the time I was almost arrested for making meth in my jewelry studio. We also just got done watching Breaking Bad and that's all that has been on my mind. (I know, I know, 2008 called and they want their show back.)

Lets go back to 2010. I was fresh out of college and had recently moved to Kansas City. My parents and I had converted the garage of my house into a studio where I could make jewelry for my business, Sierra Winter Designs. Not to be confused with Sierra Winter Jewelry.


I was hand fabricating all of my jewelry designs and in order to do this I needed tools, a torch, and proper ventilation. #safetyfirst

I always wore goggles when drilling holes and polishing metal. Side note: when I was little, my dad had a bad nail-to-the-eyeball accident when he was building the house I grew up in. He was not wearing proper safety equipment and is now blind in one eye.


One day, my 22 year old self was working away in my studio and needed to take a break. I was in my living room when I noticed a police car parked outside. I sat there and watched two policemen get out of their car and start walking up to my house. As they approached, I opened the door for the officers and asked them what was going on. They informed me that my house had been reported, by one of my neighbors, as a possible narcotics lab and they were here to investigate.

Shocked, as you can image, I started thinking anxiously to myself, "Shit, do I have a meth lab here?"

I let the officers in so they could take a look around my house and at the possible lab. On their tour, I introduced them to my cats and by the time they left they had not only concluded that there was nothing suspicious but were also on a first name basis with my cats.

Their parting words to me were, "Well Miss, clearly you do not make meth because you have all of your teeth. Have a nice day."

Make jewelry. Not meth.

Peace and Love,


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