Behind the Design: The Revival Collection

Posted by Madison Trussell on

Behind The Design: The Revival Collection



The Revival Collection is inspired by the Egyptian Revival art movement from the 19th century. We wanted to represent femininity and to us that's a balance of softness and strength. Our customer should always feel empowered wearing our jewelry and this collection does so in a softer way through ethereal stones, movement, and transformative symbolism. 

Here's a look into the inspiration & the making of some of the pieces in the collection:

My trusty tools that help me sketch each piece to the exact measurements I want.


The Solstice Necklace is double-sided; one side to represent the glow of the sun, and the other side features the ancient Egyptian scarab, symbolizing regeneration, transformation, and renewal. The scarab is a recurring feature in many of the pieces in this collection.

Solstice Necklace

Gold Vermeil & Lapis, $189

Opal Solstice Necklace

Gold Vermeil & Opal, $229

Solstice Necklace

Sterling Silver & Lapis, $149


I really wanted movement to be a big part of this collection. Inspired by the tallgrass prairie, the Tallgrass Earrings move with ease and elegance. We love them in an ear party with the Day Dreamer Earrings

Sterling Silver, $169


Gold Vermeil, $199


The Revival Bracelet (and the Revival Necklace) focus on bringing a bolder look into the collection through thicker chains and large pendants. As the namesake pieces, the bracelets also feature the Egyptian scarab symbol on the backside, and the necklace features it on the front of the pendant. (Fun fact: I also fell in love with the scarab symbol all over again after seeing it on the beautiful plates at The Savoy at 21C Hotel in downtown Kansas City.)

Revival Bracelet

Revival Bracelet; Gold Vermeil & Lapis, $179

Revival Necklace

Revival Necklace; Gold Vermeil, $269

Revival Bracelet

Revival Bracelet, Sterling Silver & Lapis, $139


The Stargazer Earrings touch on the softer side of femininity that we wanted to bring into this collection. They are delicate and sweet but have a nice pop of color. The pink sapphire Stargazer Earrings are one of our give-back pieces, which you can learn more about here.

Gold Vermeil & Pink Sapphire, $99


Gold Vermeil & Turquoise, $69

We love this collection and hope you do, too! As always, holler at us if you have any questions :)

Peace & Love,


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