Steel Cactus Bottle Opener

Steel Cactus Bottle Opener

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This decorative 6 inch bottle opener is at once utilitarian and decorative.  Available in solid steel, the Saguaro stands upright in the solid walnut stand.  Perfect for a luxe bar setup. The Saguaro Bottle Opener is made of heavy-duty metal. Beveled point acts as a stylish bottle opener.  

The Saguaro bottle opener is a part of our Supply collection where natural leather joins our classic hand-painted techniques. Supply pulls from sleek masculine pieces, earthy leather with a pop, and a focus on heritage. Focused around longevity, these pieces are meant to be passed from generation to generation. 

width: 1 1/4 in.
height: 6 in.

The Saguaro is made of solid raw steel and will patina over time. A polishing cloth can be used to restore the steel to it's original brightness.