Smudged Sage Rocks Glass Candle

Smudged Sage Rocks Glass Candle

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The heady, cleansing scent of burning sage has been used for centuries in a ceremonial practice of purification and renewal. The cooling, shimmery tingle of minty sage will gently transport you to visions of quiet evergreen forests and crystal-clear rivers bordered by lush ferns, as the earthy blend of cedar, pine, and patchouli reawakens you to the present moment. It’s an invigorating, year-round scent that revives the senses and clears the cluttered mind.
  • 8 oz. premium soy wax blend
  • Hand poured & packaged in Nashville, TN by Ranger Station
  • 40 hour burn time… or more
  • Each candle comes with a perfectly paired cocktail recipe to enjoy once the candle is burned through.


  • TOP
    • Pine, Green Foliage
    • Amber, Cedar
  • BASE
    • Patchouli, Clove


THE ALL IMPORTANT FIRST BURN: With the first burn you are priming the candle for great performance. You may get smaller flames and slightly less scent throw, but that is normal. Make sure to let the candle burn until the melt pool reaches all sides of the candle before blowing out. 

TRIMMING WICKS: Trim your wicks to 1/4" before lighting each time. This will ensure your candle burns as clean, safe, and long as it should.